Understanding the Divine Qualities

What are the Divine Qualities?

The Divine Names, or Divine Qualities, are actually attributes of the One (God/Allah). They give us a taste of the different aspects of Divine Presence in a way that we can receive some knowledge of them. It is through these aspects, that we can witness the Divine in creation. They enable us to see the infinite while existing in the finite.

Each human being is born with all of the Divine Qualities present in our hearts. Over time, as we live in the world, the qualities become distorted or veiled. Sufis have described this process as much like rust covering a mirror. The mirror is how well we are able to reflect divine light and the rust comes from misunderstandings that we develop about ourselves, our perceptions of the world around us, and about God.

Reciting the Divine names is a form of Remembrance or dhikr (prayer or deep chanting). When we recite the Names, we are invoking the presence of God in a special way. We are calling the lights of specific aspects of God to ourselves in order to help us to clean the mirrors of our hearts so that they can more clearly reflect the light of the divine. As we witness these lights personally, we also begin to see them all around us, in nature, in one another, and internally.

Working with the Divine Names is a powerful practice that can help us purify the rust that we have accumulated, opening us up to more knowledge and understanding about God. We also find that as our mirrors are cleaned, we are more illuminated and take on more of the light of these holy attributes, becoming beacons of light in the world.

As we work with the Divine Names regularly, many illnesses and patterns of suffering can be released and we become beautified in the process.

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