Advanced Sufi Walking

Our Advanced Sufi Spiritual Journey Towards the Fana and the Opening of the Unity and Ma’rifa

A Journey Towards the Fana and the Opening of the Unity and Ma’rifa

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe created this transformational program for those Beloveds who are seeking guidance on walking more deeply into completing their Fana 21 and reaching to the Reality of the Haqiqah or Fana-Fillah

Shams al- Haqiqah

“In This High station you reach the sun of the truth. This is the picture of God, and not only the picture but the reality of Allah- in the water, in the food , when you sleep, in the flowers, in the birds and in the animals in everything. When you walk, walk quietly and give the mercy to everyone because when you give you give for Allah.”

~ Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i as-Shadhuli, Music of the Soul

Has uncertainty stopped you from advancing? It’s natural that you will feel fear that you don’t know how or cannot complete these difficult soul stations and enter into the world of the secret. Ibrahim can help you to overcome these fears through the personal guidance and support of one who has walked through this reality.

Have you experienced that your walking in the soul has been difficult and that you need personal help and guidance to complete these stations? Many people have found this time to be difficult in their walking. Sidi has said that these soul stations are the most difficult and most dangerous for it is easy for one to fall down. However, in the container of a group of committed beloveds and with the support of Ibrahim, who has the the ability to guide you through these stations, it becomes more possible for completion.

Ibrahim has worked closely with Sidi over the years to help many people cross through these stations. He now feels ready to offer people personal support and guidance to complete these stations. Reaching to the Fana and Fana-Fillah as well as the opening of the Marifa will be the goal of this course.

“Dear Ibrahim, I want to express my deep gratitude to you for leading and guiding an amazing first week of the Advanced Sufi Walking program. I found it amazing that each of the 7 days was packed full of transformational treasures, healing, insights and knowledge. Just when I thought, I was full, another door opened and another personal long-suffering block/wound or picture was released almost effortlessly through your transmissions and the power of this sincere committed group. This week re-awakened my commitment to walking the sufi path. I’m most thankful to have your support and the support of this program. I originally came for only a week, but I’m signing up for the full program, there’s no way I can stop now”
Mary Halima, Florida

Ibrahim invites you to join him in this adventurous journey through the ocean of the Soul into the higher realities of the secret. With Allah’s permission, people will have the opportunity to complete their Fana of Station 21 and move forward in their spiritual walking.

Here you will address the teachings and inner walking of the soul. As well, you will learn many of the secrets of illumination of the Divine Names as you open, experience and learn about each of these stations. You will also learn the beauty of soul consciousness and how it illuminates all aspects of one’s life.


Until now you may have felt that you had to travel alone or that there wasn’t support for you to walk through these stations. This program will give you a third possibility. The possibility to have real guidance and group support to complete yourself in a loving and gentle environment.

By walking through this program you will learn the inner nature of the Divine Names, as well as uncover, complete and annihilate many of the hidden veils causing suffering and separation in your soul. This will lead to healing of the deepest and most persistent and resistant places within yourself. It will also help you to experience freedom, joy and beauty in your life.
This walking will also give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Divine Secrets.

When you start this program you may be experiencing difficulties in opening, purifying and finding guidance through these narrow and lofty passages. After this course you will experience tremendous opening of the light of the soul and secret along with illumination of your soul and the unveiling and return of your human attributes to their Divine Origins. This experience will lead to ecstasy, bliss, and incredible depth and wisdom in your life.

TESTIMONIAL: Qamara’s Experience with Week One

I feel like I walked more deeply this week than ever in the years I’ve been on the path. What is being given through your being at this time is a whole new creation. What was most amazing about this week was the transformation that happened. We did a little bit of purification work and Allah gave this generous downloading of light that has changed my world reality right here, right now. No waiting for the healing to trickle down from the soul into the mulk, the transformation has happened simultaneously on all levels. This is the first time I’ve felt such a huge shift.

I’ve lived my entire life in a state of hidden anxiety, giving me no freedom to be. I now find myself moving through the world with much more trust and sense of safety. I’m able to relax more and be with the people with more patience and gentleness and mercy and love. I feel I’m able to discern guidance more easily, have more capability in the world, and can receive deeper wisdom about what Allah is making.

If this is what happens to me in one week, I’m really excited about the possibilities for transformation of our Tariqa worldwide and the divides that exist within it. I feel like the level of self responsibility you are bringing can help heal the broken heart of the Tariqa and bring us together in the vision that Sidi gave us of one hand one heart.

In gratitude,
Love Qamara

A Transformational Program

This Multi-level Program requires a strong commitment for ongoing, guided walking in the Sufi way.

ASW 1 Opening Marifa : Accessing Divine Wisdom
ASW 2 : Entering Fana: The annihilating of the Self.
ASW 3: The Secret: Walking the stations of the spirit. Stations 1-4
ASW 4: Advanced Secret Stations: Stations 4-7
ASW 5: Completing Fana Fillah
ASW 6: Entering Baqa: Subsistence in God

Three 6.5 day, online advanced transformative sessions 

During these sessions, Ibrahim Jaffe, Salima Adelstein and Kamila Shenmen, will include teachings on the secrets of crossing these stations.

During intersessions, homework together with individual and group demonstrations on the nature and witnessing of the soul, opening of soul consciousness, the 99 names and attributes and the purification of this level of consciousness, will be given.

Participants will also work together in small groups with qualified group leaders, to purify the specific veils that limit the walking of the stations.

There will be monthly Zoom, audio/video teleclasses to provide ongoing guidance and support.

During the intercessions, participants will be assigned partners by Ibrahim to meet with each other for purification and healing sessions.

The continued, long-term nature of this program provides an opportunity for life changing healing, transformation in your witnessing and a very deep awareness and connection to your Fana 21 and the opening of the Ma’rifa and the Divine. The intention is to walk all participants deeply to the station of Fana, where the heart and soul opens to Ma’rifah or gnosis from the Divine.

There will be an emphasis on purification of veils and healing of the heart and soul as Ibrahim will be holding all participants while helping to heal them and assist them in their processes. This helps to accelerate spiritual walking so that the path can be made easier by Allah’s Will.

To truly establish in the worlds of the Soul and the Secret, the practices and teachings will focus on:

• Predominance of Love over all other emotional experiences
• Building Divine Knowledge, (Al-Ilm)
• Observance of Shari’ah; all practices that purify our outer and inner states
• Embracing of humanity with love, compassion and gentleness


When you set the intention and make the commitment to fully realize what is possible in your life, then Allah will support you in completing your intention.

All teachings will be based on the works and books of the Sufi Shaykh, Muhammad Said al-Jamal al Rifai, ash Shadhuli. The work will be based heavily on his books and will include teachings from:

  • Deep teachings of the Quran from Sidi’s Tafsir books
  • Teachings of Gnosis from the book “Reality of Gnosis”
  • Teachings of surrender and purification from “How the Arrival is Realized”
  • Teachings from the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed (sws)- How to live like the Prophet and follow his way. Living the Prophetic vision in all interactions and states
  • The meaning of the Names of Our Lord qualities book
  • Teachings from “Music of the Soul”


Ibrahim will be providing an in-depth assessment for each student during the course. He is deeply committed to holding and healing each participant in the highest way that is most needed throughout the program.

TESTIMONIAL: Anis’s Experience with Week One

“Amazing” is how I feel, and the word I hear from others around me that were in Ibrahim Jaffe’s week long Advanced Sufi Walking seminar.

In this seminar we were presented with a scientific like way to navigate in the world of our soul and received direct spiritual transmission that helped us go deeper than ever in our spiritual walking.

This is the place where we really learn how to become an expert at fishing. First you learn or deepen your knowledge of connecting with the Divine source, by the process of purification until you know what is the root cause of the veil: that can be a mistake, a trauma, a false belief, or whatever Allah wants to show you. Once you have a clear understanding of the root cause of the problem, you bring it to the Prophetic Light. At this stage the Divine Qualities come to us to beautify and strengthen the issue that we have. The beauty of it is that this process not only heals us but also helps build the inner Temple where the inner Realities of the Divine start manifesting. As the Temple becomes stronger by the structure of the Divines Qualities we reach a state of Proximity where everything is understood on so many levels by the soul first and then it enlightens our minds. This state cannot be really described by words. Thanks to the clear intellectual explanation of these processes that Ibrahim brings to his students as well as the direct spiritual transmission that he shares his teachings we end up being propelled to other heights of nearness to The Light.

What a gift this is! I am thankful to God to be in this program and thankful that Ibrahim accompanies us and shares these deep holly teachings.

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** If you have questions or need more details, we urge you to set up a call with Carol Jamila. She is available to help provide guidance, work through possible barriers, or to determine if this program is a good fit for you.

This is an Advanced Program that requires completion of the University of Sufism Programs or similar inner and outer practice on a path to becoming a Sufi. Please call to discuss with Carol Jamila if you have are interested.


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