Sufi Spiritual Healing Center

What is the Sufi Spiritual Healing Center?

The Sufi Spiritual Healing Center (SSHC) is an on-line virtual clinic offering Sufi spiritual healing to clients from all faith traditions.

Our Sufi healers have successfully worked with clients from all over the world to address a variety of issues.

Sufi spiritual healing has been used to heal physical, emotional and mental health issues. Clients also use the system to illuminate issues around life transitions and spiritual exploration.

What is a Sufi Healing?

In a Sufi spiritual healing a client will work with a Sufi healer to access the inner teaching behind an issue or illness.

In the Sufi tradition every issue or illness is a symptom of an underlying cause. The issue or illness is a teaching from the Divine to bring us closer to our true nature.

Often a teaching is sent to clear misbeliefs that prevent us from embodying our most authentic selves and true divine nature of love, peace and compassion.

Once the teaching is received the client is able to “clean” the misconception, release any limiting emotions, beliefs, images associated with the misconception and live life in a new, more empowered way.

What is Sufism?

Sufism is a path of the heart; it is often called a path of love.

In the Sufi paradigm dis-ease occurs when a person forgets their true divine nature; this can happen when a person carries a misconception about life which leads them away from a state of peace, love and compassion.

Often misconceptions about life or distorted beliefs lead to limiting or toxic emotions like anger, blame or resentment which, according to the Sufi healing system, are the root cause of physical, emotional or mental health issues.

At the SSHC Sufi healers harness the light of God to help a client reconnect with the Divine, the Source of all healing, and understand the teaching that is held within their issue or illness.

Every issue in life is an invitation to return to the loving nature of God and to live life in an empowered way.

Why should I choose Sufi spiritual healing?

The clients who choose Sufi spiritual healing are often searching for a deeper sense of peace, love, wholeness and unity.

Those who are drawn to Sufi spiritual healing are ready to live in an empowered way and to gradually release old, limiting stories and belief systems that have previously held them stuck.

At its core Sufi spiritual healing uses the light of God to illuminate the deep teaching behind life’s issues and experiences; the teachings often assist clients to release limiting and toxic emotions and stories.

How does it work?

In a Sufi spiritual healing the Sufi healer and client sit together to access the light of God; this creates an environment of safety and protection.

The healer channels the light of God and gently explores the particular issue with a client to receive Divine guidance about it.

A Sufi spiritual healing can be seen as a deep prayer to God, which can be done through reciting the ancient Divine names of God or invoking prayers.

Once the divine guidance is revealed the client receives new and more illuminated ways of understanding life experiences. This process transforms previously held limiting beliefs that may have been causing toxic emotion, illness and distress.

Do I have to be a certain religion?

Sufi spiritual healing will work within whatever spiritual tradition a client follows and also works for those who may not follow any specific tradition.

By learning to receive Divine guidance to “clean” old misconceptions, emotions, stories and experiences, the client is then able to live in a more empowered way.

What if I’m not a religious person?

People from all faith traditions are welcome to the SHC, this includes clients who may not feel connected with the traditional understanding of God.

In the Sufi tradition, God is all loving and will meet us wherever we are. We invite you to explore the Sufi spiritual healing for yourself to experience the compassionate system of healing.

How is this healing different?

Sufi spiritual healing uses the light of God to access the deep inner soul reality of the client. According to the Sufis the most complete healing occurs when a client is able to access the beliefs and patterns that are held within this soul reality.
During the course of the healing old, limiting stories and beliefs are revealed and cleaned and makes way for the Divine teaching.

Often the Divine teaching brings in a new expansive understanding of the issue being explored, which allows the client to live in an empowered way that is closer to their true nature, the holy way. This holy way of living is one of love, peace and compassion.

Can I use Sufi healing with other treatments?

Complementary medicines, including homeopathy, Chinese medicine, and other traditions all work synergistically with Sufi spiritual healing. You and your doctor can choose whichever system of medicine works best for you.

We encourage you to continue receiving care from a doctor or therapist while using the Sufi healing process; this creates a synergistic approach to healing that supports traditional medicine’s effectiveness.

Healing in the Sufi way is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but to support it.

How do I receive a healing?

To learn more about the SSHC and the Sufi healing process, please make an appointment with a trained Spiritual Healer.

Who are the Sufi healers?

The Sufi Healers are Master level graduates and Advanced Certified Practitioners of Spiritual Healing from the Dr. Jaffe MD Institute of Spiritual Healing and The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.

All healers have undergone a minimum of four years of a rigorous training. Each healer has experienced a deep spiritual development curriculum and extensive comprehensive training in order to bring you a transformational healing experience.

Your healers understand that healing must occur in the soul as well as in the body in order to bring wholeness.

Our Mission

As the pilot program for Sufi Spiritual Healing Centers, our purpose is to open a space for teaching and healing, using the ancient Sufi spiritual traditions of Peace, Love and Mercy from God for our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to open Sufi spiritual healing centers internationally, with the intention of spreading God’s Unity, Love and Peace to all people of the world.