Sufi Spiritual Healing Center

Program Logistcs

Group Healing Sessions with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

The four-week intensive healing program is designed to address each client’s unique issue with a customized protocol. The program will begin with an in-depth assessment on a group healing session with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe. After the group healing session clients will continue the process with Sufi Master healers and graduate students. At the end of the 4 weeks there will be another group session with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe.

Customized Healing Plan

Clients will participate in two group healing sessions led by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe. Dr. Jaffe’s, two healing session with Master Healer and Graduate and 6 one on one healings with a Graduate.

Sufi healing system merges traditional medicine with spiritual healing. Dr. Jaffe provides clients with insights into their issues and illnesses and the underlying cause behind them. 

Foundations of Spiritual Healing and Sufism

Clients will be enrolled in the eight-module training called, “Foundations of Spiritual Healing and Sufism”. The Foundations course will provide the clients with the learnings to heal a variety of illnesses, disease, pain, suffering, physical difficulties, psychological ailments, and spiritual issues.

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One on One Healing Sessions with Graduate Student and Master Healer

Following the group healing session the client will work closely with a Sufi Master Healer and Graduate Student to further elucidate any belief systems and blueprints that are blocking the client.

One on One Healing Sessions with Graduate Student

Each client will be assigned a graduate student who will work closely with them and will help them clear old beliefs and patterns. The graduate student will help the student to uncover core limiting beliefs in a loving and gentle way.