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Senior Master Healers

Rahma Laila Monica Lang, M Div

Rahma was born and raised in Mexico City, is the mother of 2 beautiful daughters, and is fluent in both Spanish and English. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Universidad Iberoamericana in 2007.

She began walking on the Sufi path in January of 2009. She graduated from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism (USHS) in 2013, and received a Masters Degree in Divinity from the USHS in 2015. In 2016. Rahma graduated from a Master´s Healing Apprenticeship Program with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe.

Rahma’s passion for the well-being of humanity led her to Sufi Healing. She has studied other modalities of healing; such as: Energetic Healing, Theta Healing ®, Biomagnetism, Bach Flowers® and as well as studying Non-Violent Communication, Enneagram and Pathwork ®.

The Sufi Healing technique has not only fulfilled her passion in healing but has helped her personally in a very profound way while helping her strive to be a better person. Most importantly, Sufi Healing has helped her develop a closer relationship with God.

Rahma is a faculty member at Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH) and is a Teacher Assistant with Dr. Jaffe in Year 4 Advanced Spiritual Healing in the University of Sufism. She has over 14 years of experience in Sufi Spiritual Healing.

During her free time Rahma enjoys discovering new places, working with crafts, reading, and spending time with her family at the beach.

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Cindy Yasmin Libman LICSW


Cindy has been a practicing Spiritual Healer for 10 years+ and she brings the qualities of compassion and a keen intuition to her sessions with clients. In her healing work she will travel inside with you to discover the hidden patterns that you carry, help you to open them, release what no longer serves your present experience, and teach you how to fill your being with the Divine Qualities. She will help you discover the deep peace, love, mercy and freedom which is already inside of you.

She has been working with Ibrahim for over 15 years, is now a faculty in the Institute for Spritual Healing . She is also a Muqaddim in her minneapolis community.She specializes in working with anxiety, depression, couples therapy, life transitions, inner-child healing, and other areas where people get stuck in their spiritual walking. She is passionate about helping people develop a direct and deep connection with the Divine.

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Anton Nasir Possenig

Certified as a Master Healer by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, Nasir trained as a Sufi Minister, Teacher and Healer at University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.

He graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2007, and studied the Pathwork teachings.

He is currently a faculty member at the Institute of Spiritual Healing. Nasir has been a student of Sufism for over 15 years.

His passion is to bring Sufism into daily life experiences as a ship to navigate through the waters that Life presents to us in each moment.

His hope is to help fellow travelers experience their own unique connection to the Divine and find Strength, Faith, Hope and Healing thought this connection.

Nasir was born and raised on a farm in the foothills of the Austrian Alps. He holds a master’s degree in fine furniture making and a bachelor’s in Interior and Furniture Design. He moved to the United States In 1997 to expand his work as an Interior Designer.

He currently lives with his wife Jamila Liza and their two children at the “Farm of Peace”, a Sufi community, in Warfordsburg, PA

Master Healers

Abdullah Gene Billings P.T.; M Div.

Abdullah Gene began his journey on the Sufi Spiritual Path in 2005 after a life changing event.  In the fall of that year Gene began studying at the University of Spirituality Healing & Sufism and graduated in 2008.  As a Physical Therapist for 47 years, there were missing facets to healing and the deeper spiritual healing aspect peaked Abdullah Gene’s curiosity.  

Abdullah Gene attended the Advanced Sufi Medical Healing course work under the direction of Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, and he graduated in 2019 from The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism with a Masters in Divinity.  Abdullah Gene began more course work in Advanced Sufi Walking in 2021 and continues through today in the Master Healing Practicum Program where Abdullah will graduate in the summer of 2023 as a Master Healer.  

 The Sufi name Abdullah means “slave of Allah” and Abdullah Gene is now stepping into his name by serving as an administrative member of the first Healing Center under the Institute of Spiritual Healing.   This new Center will be known as the Sufi Spiritual Healing Center of Austin, Texas where Abdullah resides.

Abdullah Gene is passionate about refining and improving his skills as a Healer.  Abdullah’s gifts are compassion, sincerity, humbleness, and the gift of sight into the underlying cause of “dis-ease”.  His commitment to serve Our Creator is a passion that gives him strength and motivation to help others on their walking toward the Divine as they find their Divine Purpose and a more complete fulfilling life.

Dr. Rabia Sa’bura J. Goodban, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.OM, LCSW, M.Div.,

Dr. Rabia Sa’bura J. Goodban, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.OM, LCSW, M.Div., is a
Certified Master Healer and currently a Teaching Assistant for Level I at the Institute of
Spiritual Healing.
Rabia is a Chinese medicine doctor who specializes in environmental medicine
(similar to functional medicine), counseling and Sufi spiritual healing. She has taught
Zen shiatsu, massage and Chinese medicine. Rabia’s Master of Divinity is in Sufi spiritual
guidance and education. She hosts zawiya at her private practice in Colorado.
Her love of plants and flowers has led her to cultivate a flower essence line,
Sublime Flower Essences, available for purchase on her website. Please call or text 917-
664-9782, or email for scheduling or for more information.

Specializes in environmental medicine (similar to functional medicine).

Rabia is a Chinese medicine doctor who specializes in environmental medicine,
counseling and Sufi spiritual healing. While she has been offering Sufi spiritual healing
for many years, she is currently completing her Master Healer Practicum Program at the
Institute of Spiritual Healing. For more information, please see her website…

Rabia’s Master of Divinity is in Sufi spiritual guidance and education. She is
completing the Master Healer Program (anticipated graduation of June, 2023) to more
fully support clients in their healing journey at the deepest level possible. She hosts
zawiya at her private practice in Colorado. For more information about her background
or contact information, please see her website…

Michele Hamida Rabinowitz

Michele Hamida Rabinowitz is a licensed massage therapist, certified life
coach and a Sufi spiritual healer. For the past 30 years she has studied
extensively in the holistic health field and spiritual healing; her seeking has
lead her to understand the deeper causes of physical dis-ease.
Since 2005, Michele Hamida has studied under Dr. Jaffe for her own healing
journey and to become a Master Healer in the Sufi way. Her expertise is in
helping individuals realize their true potential and essential nature. She has
worked with many populations and conditions such as those in chronic and
acute pain, addiction, trauma and for those who are experiencing emotional and
spiritual dis-ease.
Michele Hamida has a private practice where she offers distant Sufi healing,
coaching and integrative bodywork; which includes somatic work, expressive
art and sacred movement. Most of her clients are women who are looking to
empower themselves by healing the personal, ancestral and collective wounds
of the Sacred Feminine, so we can bring love and healing to our world.

Michele currently lives in Portland, Maine, with her family. She is a self-
taught artist and loves bringing the beauty of nature into her artistic creations.

Her passion is helping others realize their divine connection and innate
creativity through healing, art and embodiment.

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Cindy Amal Wetzel

After actively practicing nursing for over 30 years in specialties such as trauma, cardiac surgery,
and education, she retired in 2016. Cindy originally is from the Midwest but currently refers to
herself as a “snowbird”, making the yearly migration to the south for winter. She enjoys her
free time creating beauty in her many gardens, refurbishing furniture and/or homes, and
golfing. Cindy has been a student of Sufism since 2001, achieving several certificates in
Medical-Spiritual Healing, Healing in Business, Sufi Teaching Certification, and finally a Masters
Degree in of Divinity and Spiritual Healing. Cindy currently assist at the Institute of Sufi Healing
and offers healings privately to clients.

Cindy’s Sufi name is AMAL, which means “Hope”, a quality that is brought through in healings
given to her clients. Hope is that subtle transformation that occurs when our “wishes” turn
towards the Divine and become aligned, comforted, and infused from a never ending, ever-
lasting, powerful source of love. Her Hope is that you come “drink” from that ocean of Love.

Maryam Shamsa Jennie Woodard

Maryam Jennie’s heart was awakened to study Sufism in 2003 when she was taught the meditative practice of Remembrance. Maryam is able to hold hearts with compassion and mercy.

Graduate of Level 4- Advanced Spiritual Healing

Donna Jamila Crews

Donna Jamila Crews—–I am a 20+ year student of Sufism, most of those years in Austin, Texas, and the last 7 years in Seattle.  I have Masters’ Degrees in both Advanced Spiritual Healing and in Peacemaking from The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.  My passion is helping people make these years their best years, especially people born in the Baby Boomer years..  I feel my gift is helping people discover and live their Truth—truth with a capital T—heart felt truth, rather than ego-based truth.

Comments from a client, from a recent healing session, express what I feel God is bringing  through me:

One thing I got was clarity.  I had so many things going on in my life and was confused about how to act on them, and what to do about them, or what I wanted to do about them.
After speaking with you it helped me distill my thoughts down to the core of what I wanted, and what was troubling me. Now I know what direction I want to head in. Overall I got clarity and the confidence to move forward, also a great sense of relief at being able speak with someone I knew understood my heart (Sufi souls and hearts speak). ❤R.S.