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Healing, Transformation & Purification through Walking the Sufi Way

Are you ready to be done with pain and suffering for good?


Have you tried different approaches to healing with little or no success?

Have you been searching for a way of life that brings you closer to God?

Perhaps you have the deep desire to serve and share your healing gifts in your professional practice,  but need more understanding of complete healing through the subtle realms…

Whether you are seeking healing, deeper truth, or knowledge about yourself or for your practice, you will find what you seek through the Institute of Spiritual Healing. We invite you to learn more about the Institute and how it resonates most with you at this time.


Learn the illuminated method for Self-Healing

For those that desire the deepest healing and relief from disease or illness. Learn to heal yourself through the APIIR-TB method, created by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe.


Walk the Sufi path of the heart toward the light of Divine Presence.

For those seeking deeper meaning and closer walking toward the Divine. Many paths point to a teacher or guide, but Sufism places you in the presence of God to wash, heal, and know Truth.

Health Professionals

Bring complete healing to your Professional practice

Learn about our certification and advanced programs to enhance your practice with a powerful system that complements your current healing modality, 

Download Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe’s New Book: “God’s Way”

Welcome to the Institute of Spiritual Healing!

This is where we bring forward teachings extracted from the Sufi Spiritual Healing process to help you learn how to heal yourself.

In this video, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, Salima Adelstein , and Kamila Shenmen discuss the beauty of the Sufi path and how the Spiritual Healing method has deeply enriched their own lives and health. 

Join the Sufi Circle Community

A Monthly Online Spiritual Study Community for Guidance, Healing & Transformation. With live classes three times a month.

Join Dr. Jaffe for the Full Moon Dhikr

Join us on every full moon for a free, open dhikr session to weave hearts together and go deep into the remembrance of the Divine Reality.

Understanding the Divine Qualities

The Divine Names, or Divine Qualities, are actually attributes of the One (God/Allah). They give us a taste of the different aspects of Divine Presence…

What People Are Saying

“I am so grateful for all that I received during my time at the Institute of Spiritual Healing. It wasn’t only the teachings and practices that helped me to make lasting changes in my life, but it was also the sense of community that developed with my classmates and mentors that enabled me to walk through many difficulties with my hope intact and my heart open. I cannot say how much this has made a difference in my life. I never thought that I could feel this close to God again and to feel at home in my body. The friendships I made along the way help me to remember what is most important. If you are longing for real peace inside, this is the place to start!”

Elizabeth R., ISH Graduate

“I’m writing to share my experience with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe’s spiritual healing practice. In my case, I was working to heal a traumatic series of events that occurred when I was a young child—so traumatic that I blocked them for over 50 years. They warped me, crippled my relationships with those close to me, and undermined my professional development. It wasn’t until I embarked upon the Sufi path that my wife and I encountered through the teaching of Dr. Jaffe that it became important to finally address the issues resulting from this trauma. Through the guidance provided in his spiritual healing method, I have been able to identify, re- experience, and ultimately clear these issues…”

Michael Campell

The Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH) offers various courses and trainings to help teach these methods. Specialized courses are taught on Self-Healing—utilizing the APIIR-TB System, otherwise known as Illuminated Spiritual Healing, for professional practitioners seeking a Healer Certification in this SH, and to those students interested in personal transformation through Sufi Spiritual walking.

Get started with a free Introduction to Spiritual Healing Video

Our Blog

Sufism on Climate Change

Sufism on Climate Change

The question today is: How is climate change related to Sufism and spiritual healing? Who would think spiritual healing would have anything to do with the climate changing? But you know, the funny thing about it is, it’s actually very connected. It’s very much part of our being. 

Sufism and Reaching Your Potential

Sufism and Reaching Your Potential

(Video at the end of the blog)   In today’s video, I am talking about human potential. There are four levels of the highest human potential.  Read on to learn more.   Complete Potential   People have different concepts of potential. I like the...

Sufism on End of Life Regrets

Sufism on End of Life Regrets

In today’s video, Ibrahim discusses end of life regrets, but the power of this message can reach us even when we believe we have years or decades left.  If we are truly conscious of our mortality and utter dependence on the Sustainer of Life, then...

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