Sufism on Climate Change

The question today is: How is climate change related to Sufism and spiritual healing? 

Who would think spiritual healing would have anything to do with the climate changing? But you know, the funny thing about it is, it’s actually very connected. It’s very much part of our being. 

You see, climate change is a reflection of what’s inside of us. People talk about how the climate is changing. What is it due to?

We need to act on the outer reality…

Climate change is due to the particulates and the gases and the atmosphere and what we’re releasing, the fossil fuels. 

As a sailor, you know, if you’ve ever sailed in the Caribbean, you can’t believe that the entire corals are all bleached out. They’re dead, they’re white, they have no fish around. Twenty, thirty years ago, they weren’t that way. They were brilliantly alive. They were amazing. And now you go there and there’s just nothing. It’s like skeletons. 

So there’s been a real change that’s going on in our oceans. 

It’s true that changing the outer is very important. There are certainly people, scientists, researching all the things that need to happen. If people would listen to them, then we might actually see some change. 

So the thing is that we have to trust and listen to the intelligent people.  The ones who are capable of knowing what’s going on, and not assume that we know when the people who really have the ability and the research to know, are saying other things. I often see the researchers come out and say climate change is happening and humans are causing it. Other people come out and say it doesn’t exist, or that humans are not causing it. 

So we have to learn to really listen to what’s being said by the people who know.

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Sufism on Climate Change

According to Sufism the real issue is the reflection of our collective internal reality…

Climate change is a reflection of what’s inside of us. 

In other words, we, our own selves, are running too hot and we are unconscious. We’re not looking at what is causing problems in our world, and we’re unconscious of them. 

And one of those things are the most gross, outer aspects of things that we are doing, such as what we’re throwing into our atmosphere and our waters, things like that. 

But behind that, it’s really a reflection of what’s driving the people. 


What is the root of climate change?

And what is driving people? 

Materialism. Climate change is an outgrowth of materialism. 

It’s our desire for money. It’s our desire for what we want. 

It’s the inability to discipline ourselves in places that we need. 

This is something we have to learn. And the first step is to actually overcome materialism and our own personal desires for as much as we want. We have to realize that we can’t have everything we want. Or, we can have it, but it will cause a problem. 

We can eat anything we want, but you know what? Some of those things are going to cause cancer. 

You can take what you want, but there are going to be outcomes for what you do. You see? So we have to start learning about those outcomes and we have to start being able to first understand the outcomes in ourselves and choices.

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How do we overcome materialism?

How do we actually stop ourselves from our own desire nature and our own materialistic desire, the desirous aspect of our nature? 

The answer is:

  • Consciousness 
  • Awareness 
  • Connection 

If we are connected to God’s light, God will reveal to us very clearly within our own beings, our state of materialism and how we’re damaging the environment and damaging ourselves. 


Consume Pure Food

There are many great stories of Sufi masters whose awareness became so subtle that they could tell exactly the type of food they were putting inside themselves. If the food was not pure, they would have reactions. One Sufi master asked God for a sign of impurity in his food, and his finger would shake anytime he came near a food that was unhealthy.

You know, people today talk about pork. Pork is a good example. In Judaism and Islam, you don’t eat pork. A lot of the world eats pork today. 

They say, “Well, pork is no longer dangerous. Trichinella is gone. You’re not going to get sick from it. You can eat it.” 

But if you understood why these things were contra-indicated, it isn’t about trichinella. It isn’t about these things. It’s about the consciousness and the creation of the animal itself; what it was created for. 

As a scavenger, its job is to pick up what’s left behind, and the things that are left behind are usually bad things, rotting, diseases, or toxic–unhealthy for other animals. That’s what the pig will eat. 

When those things come into your being, you will get sick. 


Scavenger Consciousness

And when the consciousness that scavenges comes into your being, you will get sick because you’ll start discovering these things that you shouldn’t eat as well. So it seems people have misunderstood why God contra-indicates things.

Everything has been created for a perfect reason. There are lobsters or shellfish. Their role is to eat the dead things off the bottom of the ocean. That’s how the dead things are cleaned up. But then if you start eating those ocean-floor scavengers, many of those dead things might be sick from disease, or mercury poisoning or organic fertilizers, some phosphates or some type of chemical poisoning that got into those animals. When you eat that shellfish, you’re eating what the shellfish ate. That is going to cause problems inside of you. So it’s very important to understand consciousness.

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Sufism and Purifying Our Desires

In Sufism, what we want is the consciousness of God. 

God is extremely pure and God wants us to do, and eat, and act from those places that will take us to the highest. It means that we have to learn to purify those places in ourselves that will take us downwards. And that’s part of the walking. This is the walking of spiritual healing. 


It’s not hard…

Walking in the Sufi way is finding those places of impurity in ourselves, which are the places in us that draw us downward.

It’s not hard to purify them once you learn it. 

It’s not hard to change things in yourself once you learn how to do it. 

And this needs to be our job; to learn how to purify ourselves. 

But before that, we have to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. And we have to understand the nature of our own consciousness in relationship to God’s consciousness and how the two of them need to line up so that we can have the best success and results in our lives. 


Wish you great luck on your journey. Good luck with taking care of any materialism that might be leading roundabout to climate change. Peace and blessings.

The Sufi Path is for All People, and Sufi Healing is for All People.

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