Spiritual Healing and Certification for Healthcare Professionals

Complete healing is the future of the health and wellness industry.

Any practitioner will tell you that, as great as Western medicine can be, there is a limit to what it can do.

No matter the healing method through which you serve your clients, you’ve reached this far by expanding your understanding, expanding your knowledge of the human body, mind, emotions, and more.

Recently healthcare has begun to understand the holistic nature of the human being. More and more, we are seeing a shift in healing and medicine that  openly adopts the knowledge that human beings are not simply bodies, nor simply minds, nor simply hearts and souls. They are all of these things, intrinsically connected, and treatment of disease and illness has to take this into account in order for us to achieve  lasting healing and not just the management of symptoms.

Treating the inner realms of a client in order to facilitate long-lasting healing of the body is the foundational concept behind Dr. Jaffe’s APIIR-TB method. It takes the science of Western medicine, and blends it with Spiritual Healing and Sufi principles and practices to create a system that deepens healing. It teaches the patient to not only treat the symptoms they are experiencing physically, but to go within and heal the psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds they have on the inner realm that called their physical symptoms into manifestation.

As practitioners come into our programs, they are often seeking deeper understanding around how to take the relief and healing their clients experience even deeper. To serve their clients more fully, and to heal their own wounds at the same time. The practitioner that is attracted to the Institute, feels the need to understand more about themselves, their inner realities, and their healing practice, so that they can more deeply understand and assist those that come to them for help and complete healing.

What do we mean by complete healing?

Here at the Institute of Spiritual Healing, we share a key teaching with all of our Certified Master Healers…

Outer symptoms and illness stem from unresolved mental, psychological, emotional, or spiritual wounds on the inner.

Many healing professionals feel a deep dedication to their clients and patients, but are aware that every form of medicine on its own, has its limits. There comes a point in every healing and wellness professional’s career where they need DEEPER understanding of how to approach their patients.

What if the understanding you need in these situations is not only deeper in healing, but HIGHER in understanding and implementation?

The Institute of Spiritual Healing is committed to training professionals like you through the wisdom of the ancient Sufi principles and illuminated spiritual healing with the APIIR-TB method. Through Dr. Jaffe’s step-by-step process, you will learn to heal illness from its root cause, and facilitate continuous, long-lasting results for your patients.

Complete healing is more than a form of alleviating symptoms it is about seeking the root of the discomfort. When you choose to look underneath the physical, outer realms, and into the subtle, you will find a whole world of underlying wounds that must be healed in order to be rid of the outer, physical symptoms all together.

If you feel called to join our programs, we encourage you to learn more here.

Do you offer certification?

Yes! We have certifications for our courses, as well as the ability to go through the entire program and earn a Master’s of Divinity degree from the University of Sufism. We encourage wellness professionals to go through our program to learn more about blending spiritual and healing modalities and techniques to facilitate true healing in their clients and communities.

For more on the APIIR-TB system, click here.

What if I already use a system that works?

The beautiful thing about Spiritual Healing is that it complements your existing practice, rather than contradicting or replacing it. It calls upon you to be a conduit for further healing, and to add to your knowledge and t as a professional healer. No matter what field you practice in now, know that Spiritual Healing is the next step toward providing complete care  for your clients, and empowering  them to maintain a state of health and wellness like never before.

Our own Founder and Director, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, has explored many different healing modalities and spiritual paths in addition to his medical degree. When learning to heal others, there is no limit to the knowledge that can help. Everything you learn benefits both you and your clients.

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