Our Vision is to open the heart of humanity to the reality of Divine love, gnostic understanding, and complete healing.

About the Institute of Spiritual Healing

Our Mission

At the Institute of Spiritual Healing, our mission is to help individuals understand and heal from psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of disease. The Institute works to integrate ancient spiritual healing methods with conventional western and complimentary medicine so that the individual may have the best possibility of healing. The Institute also teaches purification methods of the heart and soul that lead to Oneness and Unity with the Divine.

The Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH) was founded to provide a place where students can learn about the process and benefits of spiritual healing transformation through the Sufi tradition.

We want to share the beauty that comes from spiritual healing in the Sufi Way with anyone who is looking for healing and spiritual growth. Identifying the underlying needs and causes behind an illness or life-pattern brings a level of healing that allows for transformation at the deepest levels of our being. When this transformation occurs, we are free to discover the truest version of ourselves. Students are able to find peace in their lives in ways that they could not imagine before embarking on their spiritual journey with ISH.

We also train our students to share Sufi Spiritual Healing (SSH) with others. SSH can be integrated into any wellness program and empowers practitioners and patients to be able to get to the source of their illnesses and suffering with practical applications and deep support. People who have been trying to heal their bodies and their relationships for years find that including the spiritual dimensions in their care regimen makes a positive difference in how they respond to treatment in all of its forms. Spiritual Healing can be the key to finally bringing some relief to those who have been trying very hard with little progress.

The goal of the Institute of Spiritual Healing is to provide a place where students can grow closer to Divine Presence so that they can become a light in the world and live their highest purpose. The curriculum is designed to take any student to the next level in their personal growth as well as to open the door to physical, mental, and emotional wellness. The heart-centered connections that our students make along the way are life-long and a loving network of friendship and continued support is created.

We would love for you to join us in finding a more meaningful connection with the Divine so that you can be freed from the kinds of suffering that may keep you from your highest potential. Through a closer connection to God, we find the secrets to a meaningful and joyful life.

The End Result

At the Institute we aim to help people connect to God and to live their life in the presence of the Divine Light, purify hearts and souls so they can manifest a truly holy and healthy life.

“It took me over two years for the doctors to figure out what was wrong with me. After spending lots of time and money I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, low thyroid disease. After working with Dr. Jaffe for a few short months not only are my test results normal I have my energy back full force without taking synthetic hormones the rest of my life. The techniques he uses to teach self healing are astoundingly straightforward. Once you start implementing them you feel better almost instantaneously. It’s mostly different meditation techniques that guide you into your subconscious memories that are holding you back/making you sick. With Dr Jaffe’s deep knowledge and guidance I’ve been able to heal much more in my life then Hashimoto’s disease. I’ve grown to trust myself again and move forward in all areas of my life. For that I am eternally grateful. I continue to use the techniques he teaches daily. I hope that my story inspires others to reach out to this truly wonderful man.”

- Kim Shanti, Los Angeles

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