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The 99 Divine Qualities Cards
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Divine Qualities Card Deck:

Created by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, the Divine Qualities card deck is a useful complement to your daily spiritual practice. If you’ve ever wondered what Quality is presenting itself in your life, or which to recite for the most direct healing, then we invite you to use these cards.

The beautiful artwork is done by Hafeez Shaikh and you can learn more about his work at Hafeez.com.


What are the 99 Divine Names?

The Divine Names are the Essential Qualities that create our existence from the inner levels of our soul’s reality. It has been said that there are over 1000 Divine Names, but there are 99 Names that are the master essences. The Master Ingredients that create our existence.

These are considered deep blessings from God and when properly called upon, can shift your inner world and outer reality simultaneously.

Each quality brings a different ray of light, a different Quality of God. When it is invoked and received into your conscious awareness, you begin to walk closer to God on your spiritual path.

Practicing what is referred to as Dhikr (recitation) with all the names or a specific name can help to unveil and remove the obstacles between your heart and the Divine Qualities of God. You are then able to align and embody to your highest creation for your heart, soul and God.

You do not need to know about Sufism or be a Sufi in order to work with the Qualities. In the deeper reality, it’s about knowing, recognizing and working with the Qualities, and being able to return the Qualities back to God, Most High.


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How to use the Divine Names cards:

There are many ways to work with these Divine Names cards for your spiritual growth.
It is always important to begin with a heartfelt prayer. When we invite God to interact with us with the Divine Names, we are setting an intention to spend some time getting to know the attributes of our Creator. In doing so we begin a conversation with the Most High and open to a closer relationship.


Suggestions for working with the Qualities Cards:

Experience the Quality 

Learn the Names and their meanings:

Each day, say a prayer and pull a card from the deck. Once you pull the card, read the name and its meaning. Ask God to open the Divine Quality for you and then recite it for a while. It is fine to just call upon the Divine Name as you feel comfortable. While learning, it is not important to recite them a certain number of times. Allow yourself to open your heart to the Quality with an expectation of receiving the light that it brings as deeply as possible. Recite the Divine Name throughout the day, silently or aloud, and be curious to see how that Quality manifests in your experiences and environment throughout the day.


As a Devotional Tool

Pick one card to work with daily:

Some find it helpful to have a daily practice in working with the Divine Names. After praying and setting a clear intention, pull a card from the deck. Read about the meaning and recite it throughout the day, aloud and silently. Ask to be shown ways that this Quality is already in your life and in the world around you.

See if you can recognize the Divine Name’s presence throughout your day. Can you witness the Quality of Mercy (Ar-Rahman)  in your experiences or in Creation? Noticing the Quality of the Light (An-Nur) in its myriad forms can help you to integrate and understand the beauty of that Quality and to take it in. All of creation is made from the lights of the Divine Names and they are everywhere.

Assist with Guidance: 

Help with Healing & Decisions:

Many people have found it inspirational to use the Divine Names cards to help them with guidance around decisions and healing. You can do this in many ways, and you will find the way that best suits you as you practice. Begin with a prayer, asking for what you need. Then draw a card from the deck. When you read the Divine Name and the meaning, ask to be shown how that Quality can bring clarity and blessings to you.

Recite the Divine Name with the intention of calling it into your heart however many times feels right to you. You may receive inspiration or insight  right away, or it may come later. Be patient and allow the vibration of the Divine Presence to work in you. Remember that when we ask, God is the Responsive (Al-Mujib) and wants to bring us closer to truth, wellness, and peace. It is important not to judge your experience and to know that when we ask for goodness and help, we receive it in Allah’s perfect timing and priority.

The Divine Name(s) that you choose from the deck may also be a remedy for you. Even if you cannot understand the relationship between your question or issue and the Quality that you choose, know that you have been given it and trust that the light of that Divine Name will bring you a blessing in some way. God is Generous  (Al-Karim) and All-Wise (Al-Hakim) and responds to your needs in the best way possible.

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