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Free Class: The Nature of Love

February 13, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


The Nature of Love

And the Beauty of Loving God…

with Murshid Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Monday, Feb 13th, 2023
4:00pm-5:30pm PT


The Nature of Love

And the Beauty of Loving God…

with Murshid Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Monday, Feb 13th
4:00pm-5:30pm PT

 “Wherever you are, whatever you do, be in Love.”  ~Rumi

Join Murshid Ibrahim as he immerses you in the REAL love. He will discuss the BEAUTY of loving God and how this TRUE, Divine Love can transform your relationships and life.

Sufism | Institute of Spiritual Healing

Free Class: Feb 13th

During this event, we will explore:

  • The nature of love itself
  • What the REAL & TRUE love is
  • How loving God translates into loving others
  • Healing and resolving the barriers between you and the Love that you seek
  • How the Sufi path guides you to God through Divine Love

“Who but you could I love, and to you is all my life.. you are the secret of every beauty and its meaning. You are it. Everything of this universe that is beautiful is related to you and carries your name.” ~ Sidi

“As you learn the beauty of loving God, you’ll see how it translates into loving others.”

~ Murshid Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

About Your Teacher 

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a Physician, Sufi Master, and Spiritual Guide (Murshid Murabi Ruhi). As Founder and Chancellor of ISH, UoS and the Ma’rifa Foundation, he is committed to people walking the path of Spiritual Unity and Love. He is author of God’s Way: Sufi Spiritual Healing and creator of the APIIR-TB Divine healing system using the 99 names of God. Through walking with Dr. Jaffe, people experience deep physical and spiritual healing.

Dr. Jaffe’s vision is to bring together the Light of all paths and help the world move to Oneness and Peace. His heart holds the tremendous power of unconditional love and gnostic understanding.

When he isn’t teaching and providing life-changing healings for his clients, he is often found sailing and spending time with his family and dog, Warrior.


February 13, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


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