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The World of God


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Assalamualaikum everyone.

Welcome back to teaching Tuesday’s we’re coming into. The world of lahut the fourth world or some people call it. The first world probably first world is better name for it. It’s the world of God and the world of God is considered to be composed of seven heavens and each Heaven has a different reality to it a different feel to it a different understanding to when someone’s traveling towards the unity or the Oneness, they have to make that phenon annihilate from the three lower worlds jabarut malakut, and then they enter their Consciousness will enter into The world of God allahuts and as entering the world of God, they would they experienced The Crossing through those seven oceans of love.

The world of God is the oceans of love the heavens as they are the seven Heavens are these seven worlds and you cross through these oceans of love and you have to essentially robe you literally put on the Robes of that haven’t you are dressed and Robes of Light, which are these deeper Robes of love that come through the Heavenly worlds of allahuts.

As you travel deeper and deeper your Consciousness begins to understand more and more what God is. How God works, what’s important to God how God decrees or understands or gives orders for things you start to understand God’s creation and then eventually you’ll travel deeper and deeper until you really have very deep knowledge where we call maurifa of these Heavens when that is complete then if God Wills God will then give the order for you to enter into the reality of God itself the essential light of God a self and you’ll actually Ascend into that Consciousness that realm of existence and you enter into that reality.

We’re now you get to experience literally how God moves how God thinks how God works. What’s happening in God’s inner sanctums of being no. God does hold some things for himself that does not.Shall we say expose everything? There’s still Many hidden things that are kept hidden, but the experience of entering is so profound that people who’ve entered it. Just talk about the unending ecstasy. The experience of the beauty of divine knowledge the experience of God’s resplendent light penetrating every atom of existence how God has the power to hold existence in God’s hand and how God simply says be in that moment everything in existence forms into what God wants it to be so you start to have the experience of the Compassion of God you have experience of the guidance of God.

You have experience of all things originate from God and how all things end with God and that God is ultimately the force behind everything and you realize that by making kalba by seeking repentance that God will open more and more of those worlds so that you can live in an eternally and you see what you need to make repentance for because God will show it to you and they’re simple things. They’re more they’re no longer like good and All it’s more about Illusions places where like seeing the Mirage in the desert and you thought it was water, you know, you didn’t do anything wrong.

 You just thought it was water, but the fact is that you bought into an illusion. And say and so the higher walking isn’t it’s really not about Good and Evil anymore. It’s about the state of Illusion versus reality the state of knowing what is really water. And what is really the Mirage. Can you tell the difference? How do you know which is which how do you choose what’s real? That’s what the higher walking is about. It’s the spelling the states of these are some of the teachings of the of walking into these four worlds and ultimately You know, our goal is to return to God and when we say return to God we mean God is seeking to call us back to his world.

You know to go say its world, you know like to say his to this. He she it’s world of Oneness that exists outside of time and space but is the originator of everything. And that’s the Ultimate Reality as long as we make separation of any kind. We’re in a state of Illusion because God has no separation God is one So we have to really know that deep state of Oneness and the richness of God’s world.So I welcome you on your journey, and please know that the ultimate healing by the way happens when we understand what’s happening in that state of Illusion. Versus reality and we’re able to correct it and that’s often the key piece that brings healing to a human being is to correct those pieces.

All right. Thank you very much for listening us Salaam aleikum, wa rahma tulahi wa barakatu. May God’s peace and blessings be upon everyone. May your journey be safe and sure as you cross these worlds and I hope you find that the Sufi way is helpful because it will teach you. What these worlds are and the pitfalls and the benefits of each world how to cross them and how to purify yourself so that you can move through them in a very beautiful way. Okay. Thank you. Everybody. Take care.



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