Video: What if I Receive Guidance for Someone Else?

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What if I Receive Guidance for Someone Else?


Video Transcript:


What happens when we were like in a healing session?

And then we seem to be receiving guidance for others or all of a sudden were, you know, we’re sitting there and guidance comes through for others as well. This is a really critical moment because first of all, Anytime you get guidance for somebody else. Are you peer to get past or somebody else? You need to really check it my checking and I mean really feel it. Does it feel peaceful? There’s a feel positive. Does it feel uplifting?

If the guidance you’re getting tears the person down puts them into a negative State causes problems inside of them. Your guidance is not clear. What you’re doing is actually got you’re getting for bad guidance. And that guidance is not supporting that person the Divine guidance will always create hope it creates positivity. It creates well-being. The only time it doesn’t is when God chooses to create warning like for example, let’s say you’re an alcoholic and you’re drinking and you’re driving God may come through with a very strong light and says, you know, if you drink and drive you are going to have an accident you’re gonna die or you’re going to you know, something like that you need to stop to God might come through with a warning for you to tell you to stop.

 But other than that other than those warnings most of divine guidance is through love and through peace and through hope So first thing is check and see is the guidance really bringing positivity to that person. Secondly, you know Sue with it and think about it before you speak because you’ve got to kind of really take it inside and really look at it because that guidance might have been for you and you’re thinking it’s for your friend, but it’s really for you. You got to take a look at it. Is it really for you or for that? And then maybe it’s for both of you?

 To say and then remember when you speak it, they are going to hear it through their filters. So your guidance might be very clear and it’s weird. You might be thinking. Well, okay, let’s go to Cleveland you get guidance go to Cleveland, but when they hear it, they might hear go to. some other place that sounds like Cleveland their gut, they’re gonna start their filters are gonna shift it you’re saying Cleveland and they’re hearing I don’t know what Cincinnati you know, it’s like they’re it’s enough of the consciousness of the human being will try to shift.

 What you’re hearing and turn it into something else. So you have to be very aware of what you’re giving to somebody else. And remember the main thing when you do give it is give it clearly and give it without oppression. Oppression means, you know, I know you need to go to the University of New York. Why well because I like University in New York. It’s you know, it’s where I want you to go. But you know if you really look deep God was might be saying, you know what University of New York has something of value for you take a look at and see if it fits but it doesn’t mean that you have to go that place.

Take your time and be careful what you say to other people and try not to force them into what you feel you want for them. But remember to always offer them with free choice. Let them have free choice, but show them the light of that kindness and most people when they see the lighter feel the light will choose to go in that direction and then they need to discover themselves whether that guidance is right. Peace and blessings everybody. Thank you.




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