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Salaam aleikum everyone welcome back to teaching Tuesdays Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe we’re talking about the world of the Angels What’s called the malakut and Arabic Malik is Angel and Kutz has to do at world and you world can be changed. It can be hoot or coot malakut or jabarut to Kutz or lahut the these letters change. But essentially it’s the same it means world all that means world. So Malik is the world of the Angels, but what is really the world of the Angels you could say the world of angels is the place where the Davis live the spirits live all the Angelic Spirits.

There are many kinds of angelic Spirits. They’re from you know, tiny little kind of fairy like things all the way up to, you know, these archangels with I don’t know how many wings they have 100,000 wings and you know just incredible spirits that are bigger than planets and massive beings and So these angels and I may not be perfect on the sizing here. So I apologize. I’m not exactly sure how big an archangel was but they are big and I remember with that one scene or city who was the guide who has recently died told me about what happened in one of the big tidal waves that happened and he said yes, I was watching and Archangel Gabriel came and he touched the water with his tip of one of his wings and the earth and the water grew up into this massive tidal wave and it was sent out.

And that was really a nice. I don’t know maybe not so nice, but it was a powerful image of the of how powerful these archangels can be to be able to touch the ocean and be able to create a massive tsunami. So, you know again, of course, what’s the reason for that? Always? Why would God Want that, you know and this is where we have to really start understanding the mind of God and how God works and what is God wanting and when does God create something what we call Jamal beautiful or Jalal? You know Majestic or difficult. Tsunami of the obviously is a Jalal creation. So the this world where this happens this world of light.It’s a world of light. In Sufism it’s called the Unseen. The malakut is called the unseen reality. The Unseen doesn’t mean the unfelt. I mean you feel You just may not see it. And of course traditional is long.They say you can’t see it. But that’s not my experience that my experience is that you can have glimpses into it with God’s help but that you don’t when they say you don’t know the Unseen my experiences. That means that you don’t know the Unseen like God knows you don’t have you don’t know the the full nature of the Unseen.And so many people so you can’t know anything of the Unseen and I think that’s absolutely false that you actually you can have glimpses into it through God’s quality.

So for example, if you carry al-Basir, Divine site, then you can look it with al-Basir and see something of the Unseen now, it’s not going to be what a prophet sees. It’s not going to be you know, what you know what God sees but you might see something you might see an aura you might see, you know, people have seen Angels before people have seen Devils before you know, these are all parts of the Unseen but people have seen them from time to time and not all of it is, you know, some people say well that’s all illusion. That’s all false Illusions all from the shaytan that you see these unseen worlds. And again, I disagree with that fully there. You people have talked about this for ages. This is this is not new. And yes, sometimes it is shaytan.

Sometimes it is false, but sometimes it’s real and sometimes it’s very real and it’s not it’s not the false. Like I’ll tell you a story for myself.Where you know I have not I’ve seen Angels a few times in my life. I’m not seeing them all the time.But I was driving an RV once. Somebody loaned me their RV to take it to Los Angeles.I was living up in San Francisco area.and I was driving down through San Francisco and the bridge that crosses over I was on this large Bridge. And as I was crossing the bridge the front right tire of the RV exploded it hit something and it blew out. And I you know, we think that the front tyre on RV is a bad one to go because the background you got two tires, but in the front when you have one and when it blows generally what happens is the RV flips.

So I was in a like a 32 or 34 foot RV and the things started to flip at about 65 miles an hour. So Crossing that bridge and I was aware of flipping and I was kind of aware that You know that I’m this might be my death. I was kind of feeling it and as I said, it was flipping and it was probably at about 45 degrees it started turning, you know to go off the bridge, right so like that as it pulled to the right it was the right tire and as it turned all of a sudden I look in front of me and sure enough. I couldn’t believe it there was a car with three or four women with a flat tyre on the side of the road of the bridge and I was going right at them kind of like a pool ball.

Have you ever played pool and those little balls I was going, you know this, you know thirty thousand pound RV was going right at those three or four women and I knew what was going to happen. I was gonna smash them and that was gonna be it and I I didn’t mind so much my own death, but the thought of me me hitting those ladies was really painful and something in me screamed. I went Allah protect them, Please protect them and it was a scream for my soul came out of my soul. The men and I said that from behind me I could almost in like almost see behind like there were like two lights that were like I shot up so fast, I couldn’t believe it was like lightning and they came up on the side of the RV.

And they literally took the RV and they picked it up and turned it straight and moved me away from hitting these girls and I probably missed them from you know, maybe a foot and a half or maybe two feet at most but probably more like a foot and a half that I miss hitting them. It was one of the closest things that has ever happened to me, but I realized the power of these angels, these angels came in could see them. They took the RV, you know, 30,000-pound RV they picked it up. And they turned me and they took me off to the side now that is where did that happen that happened in the malakut. It happened in the Angelic world.

It was the unseen reality that was there. Now, you can call that illusion if you want, but I tell you for me that was not illusion. This was a call to God to the law. This was ascending that happened to protect those people. It was one of the most profound most.I don’t know what Majestic awesome moments of my life to be able to have a response like that and to watch it to see it and to not hurt those people it changed my life because I realized the power that Allah has through the angels to be able to change our reality. That’s the malakut world. And our work is to keep our personal malakut World clean pure. Holy and we don’t have to see it. But when we’re not, you know, if we do things that aren’t right, there are things that begin to show up in the malakut.

Like there are I believe Hadith are sayings from the prophet where peace be upon him where they talk about when people’s hands like if you steal the hands turn dark You know, what is that darkness of stealing? Well, that’s then light of the malakut, you know, if people speak and they lie the tongue becomes darkened because they’re speaking. Lies and illusion. This is all in the world of the malakut and by the same token when people speak with love and with beauty and with kindness and goodness nobility the tongue becomes Pure White Light full of good light and there are other lights not only white light by the way, there are very refined forms of black light that are absolutely beautiful and very pure clear light that are very beautiful. So but the white lightest generally the first light that we see going into he higher worlds and then later these other lights appear. So this is all part of the what people call a malakut and as a traveler a sufi Traveler.

We need to be able to feel and once in a while. We may see something but we needed to feel into that molecule World recognize when it’s light and when it’s not light and be able to purify it and keep that world in a very light beautiful place and that’s part of the ocean of the malakuting part of our work as Sufis is to keep that world full of light. So I wish you well on your traveling and think about what I have to say here with this and try to hold everything in the deepest love and know that there are many many secrets.

To our inner worlds salaam alaikum Rahul barakatu may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon everybody.

Thank you.




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