Video: Reflection Before the New Year

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Reflection Before the New Year


 Video Transcript:


Salaam aleikum everyone welcome. It’s Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe.So we’re reaching the end of the year and this is a time where we should really look at.What happened in our worldly walk when I say worldly walk? I mean our walking through our life the actual outer aspects of our life for me December, you know, we reached the solstice.

It’s the darkest day of the year. This is the time where we want to go fully into kind of hibernation. And we want to really go inside and really deeply contemplate all of the year. Don’t miss this chance. So many people miss it. This is a very special time and you should do it before the 21st if possible.If not, you can do it between 21st and the end of the year. But it’s a time to really look at what happened.

And a law will pull you inside look at your family. You know, how did your family do this year look at your relationships? Look at your financial situation look at your work. Look at your spiritual growth. What happened to you this year? Look at anything that you need to make tell before you need to ask for pittance for anything that happens that you are regretful for. And make your repentance for that make your tawba and look at what needs to happen to be changed.

 Look at your relationship to others and see if your relationships are blossoming and flowering or are they wilting and dying? And make a decision about all these things how to do things better. I wish I could be here with each of you to help each of you to walk through you own assessments and really look deep and to hold the mercy with you as you look at it. It’s so often we’re so judgmental to ourselves or so hard on

ours, you know, and I think there’s very important to be very merciful as you assess yourself and be very grateful for coming through whatever trials you have. It’s been a strong year. The trials have been difficult on the inner and many people on the outer as, please take this time and I pray that Allah suffices you.

 In understanding the summation of what you did this year? And that Allah forgives anything that may need to be forgiven. For any mistakes anyone’s made and I ask a lot so bless each of you and to give you good tidings of the year to come and that good things will come from this. Thank you very much. And thank you for joining me on this this journey as we travel through the world, but at the same time we’re not of the world. We’re really with God and everything and the world is a mirror of that experience.

 Asalamu akeikum. Rahma tulahi wa barakatu and have a good New Year’s.




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