Video: Pain & The Four Worlds: The Spiritual World

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Pain & The Four Worlds: The Spiritual World

Video Transcript:

Assalamu alaikum Rahman tulahi Barakatu. Peace and blessings everybody and your souls Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe talking about pain. We are going to try to help people to understand how to actually free themselves pain and the Free Yourself of pain you have to cross through the physical mulkk level. The malakut conflictual levels that are causing pain in your subconscious. We have to reach to the soul level and understand the attributes that are appearing that are being blocked pain is essentially a form of blockage. It’s always a form of blockage or something wanting to move through you that you are not accepting you’re in conflict with it. And therefore you block it and when you block light or you block energy inside of you it will cause pain when it’s done deep in the subconscious.

It causes a lot of pain because you’re not looking at it you can’t get there. So God uses the Deep pain to wake you up to what you’re unaware of Okay, the final level we’ll be talking about today is the spiritual level. The spiritual level is the highest level once you understand it’s the Bowing and surrender to God itself. What is God asking of us? What does God want us to learn? What does God needing for us to learn? And usually that is what I call it in an Ascent a person needs to a send out of the salt Consciousness. They’re in be able to prostrate to the Divine Consciousness itself. Divine will understand the manifestation of divine will inside of them. Meaning. What is God asking of you.

What is God asking of your growth? Some of these are cyclic, you know where they have to do with your age, you know, they’re I think of spiritual cycles of seven and human cycles of 10. If it’s a spiritual cycle by seven every seven years you’re going through essentially a spiritual renewal every 10 years. You’re going through a physical body renewal in certain ways as a spiritual healer myself. I tend to look at the sevens more than the tens. But I like the tens. I like to look at them. So in any case you might be in a seven year 42.49 years old there’s a often a lot of things that show up in seven Cycles 50 10, 60 10,70 10 lot of things show up as you go through these Cycles of life changing.

Okay, the lahud the world of God is about your surrender. That you surrender to the Divine will whatever is moving through your Cycles. So if in other words if you’re coming into a cycle where you’re supposed to be entering into becoming a wisdom keeper giving your wisdom to the world holding people in love caring for people and you’re afraid of it or you doubt your wisdom or you doubt your capability. All those things will restrict your bowing to God or as God might say my beloved it’s time for you to go out and to share your wisdom with the world.

And you say well I’m afraid to do that. I don’t know if I’m capable doing that you are now restricting Divine will. And your frustration to God is in complete. God was telling you what you it is your time. This happens often around 50. By the way, these God is telling you step out as time bringing your wisdom to the world. You’re moving into the next stage of your life. You’re saying well, I’m not capable. I don’t know how to communicate.

I don’t know how to stand strong people might attack me people might not like what I have to say don’t know if I’m complete all of these voices in your subconscious will limit the will of God and you will not step out. If you don’t step out, where do you think that pain is going to hit you? It’s going to hit you in your feet in your legs where you won’t step out.Okay, in other words it corresponds in the body with what you’re doing with yourself. And I know some of your questioning that but it really is the truth where you if you let’s say that you are afraid to see. You will get pain in your eye.

You’re afraid to hear you will get pain in your ear. You’re afraid to speak you will get pain in your throat your parents your palate. You’re afraid to love your heart. You see you’re afraid to stand in who you are your solar plexus. And so forth it goes on like that. So your ability to step forward with what God is asking you to do and to face what’s inside yourself is important. And remember this is not about you doing it your way. In the Sufi teachings, we’re doing it in God’s way in other words. A lot of people they operate from well; I want to be myself. I want to do it my way. I call out the way of the self. We have self can be beneficial can be helpful to make you feel good. But in the end of the day the way the self will not take you that far.

The way of God meaning to find the highest light that’s possible. Prostrating to the light understanding what that light is asking of you and then ranging your life around that. Will give you a hundred times the results of following yourself. Following yourself will get you in trouble. Following God will free you from the trouble that you’ve gotten yourself in. So please join us. We have the Sufi pain conference coming up and I hope that you will take some time to learn about yourself. I’ll be teaching there and I can tell you I’ve had very deep pain and I know the healing from the inside out and I know that many of you are in paying

yourself and you need help you need to support and really understand yourself, you know yourself, you’ll see that much of healing happens for that knowing who you are. So peace and blessings everyone Salaam aleikum, wa rahma tulahi wa barakatu. May God Bestow the highest understanding and light upon your minds and your hearts and your spirits and maybe we all be free of pain, which is a great great teacher and a tremendous master that we all have to face. Thank you everybody.



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