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Journey through the Heart:

Overview of the Four Worlds on the Inner Journey


Video Transcript:

Assalamualaikum everyone. Welcome to Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe Teaching Tuesdays, welcome everyone. We’re gonna be talking about the four worlds today. We’ve been talking about this in our pain Summit. So we’re gonna just elaborated on a little bit more as we’re kind of speaking to each of you today and sort of looking at it both at a World level and also at a sort of collective level in other words. What’s really happening in that level. First of all, I think that people need to understand that the first world is the world of the senses. So the world of Senses is everything that we can sense through our five senses and a Sufism we call that the Mulk m u l k The Mulk and you know, there’s a lot of different ways people hold them all.generally, I mean the way I hold it is the mulk is like the background for the spirit to play Or to grow in.

 So the Mulk in a certain way is more like props, you know, like if you’re on a stage and you have a you have you’re watching a drama on a stage the real issue is what’s going on between the people but you’ve got all these props that Define. Sort of what’s Happening behind it. And that’s how I look at the mulk. The mulk its own way is not that significant yet. It’s significant in that it creates a background that allows the teachings for the spirit and the heart and the salt play out. So I hold it as sort of a structural almost like a stage that we stand on that we sense like we know There’s lightning we know there’s Thunder we know there’s wind we know there’s rain we know there’s our bodies.

 We know these things all exist, but it’s all there so that something else can happen, which is the play What’s the play gonna be about you know, we’re watching some play, you know from you know, New York or something and you have your props, but it’s really about the play. It’s about the people it’s about what’s going on. So there’s a background but what’s the play? So the mulk for me is not a significant, but it’s the sense reality that sets the stage for something else to happen. And that is what we’re going to be talking about next which is these other worlds where the actual happening happens.

 Okay. Now the second stage of course is the stage Of the malakut or we call the Angelic world. The Angelic World in sort of Western science, if you will metaphysics is often called the astral world. It’s the world where both the Angels play at the upper. There’s seven levels of the astral Worlds. The upper levels are the Angelic levels. The lower levels are the Shay tonic levels and these are all part of the Unseen worlds that surround us for me. This is the texture it sets the texture of what’s happening. So if we have the stage, you know, you might have a you know, maybe you’re in an office somewhere.

 Okay, and so the the physical reality is the office but there’s something going on in that office. Like for example, maybe it’s a happy office. So you have a sense of flowers and Beauty all through the office and you’re starting,you know, you step in and you say oh, yeah, I’m in an office but this office is happy because really good and so,you know that the the teaching is going to be something around happiness about Joy or something going on in that direction. Well, the malakut sets the texture of Our Lives as the texture it says, okay. We’re walking, you know, we’re living I live in Florida, but I’m surrounded by the mulkut which is what is it? Is it good? Is it not good? Is it full of life and love is it full of pain and suffering? What’s the malakut sets that kind of it’s almost the coloring. That’s they like how do you know the office is joyful versus the office into being non-joyful. There’s a sense of coloring. 

There’s a sense of feeling there’s a texture to it.The malakut has to do with the texturing of reality a textures it so malakuts are important because it sets it really determines the stage or as we might know. It’s an office. But when we see the flowers and we see there’s light colors and we see the curtains are really nice. Then we say oh, this is a really nice office. This is really nice place. This is going to be a really nice scene that we’re gonna be looking at is somebody’s life and that gives us the texture of that scene.

 And that’s what we’re looking for. The malakut tells us more. You know what the texture of somebody’s moment in time is going to be like Okay. Now the jabber root is the soul world is again another ocean. These are all inner penetrating oceans. The jabarut is the ocean of the Soul. Now most people in the west. The soul is still fairly unknown we talk about soulmates and you know people talk about soul and religion. They know the soul dies. Where does the soul go, you know, there’s things like that so that people know there is a soul. But what is the soul and what’s the world? Where does the soul Live Well, the soul lives in his in an ocean of light?

 Which is connected to the physical reality interpenetrates the physical reality, but actually as its own vibration. And that light is composed of colors the soul has colors. And it’s also composed of attributes Divine names. So they’re these Divine names are sort of like reservoirs of light that move within the soul world. So a soul might at some point Be experiencing Mercy or compassion as a reservoir of light that it’s moving through and as it moves to that that reservoir of life. It says, oh I’m experiencing this deep compassion in my being or I’m experiencing the need for Compassion or the lack of compassion and the Soul has the experience of its relationship to compassion.

 Well, how does that inner penetrate them malakut? And the mulk, well, let’s say we’re in the office. So you have this beautiful office and then the scene opens up with the boss walking in very compassionate full of love for something that happened in the office. And then you have the soul experiencing The Compassion of authority which actually becomes a mirror of divine Authority that Divine Authority is compassionate and so you start to have a place for the soul to actually be able to work out the nature of compassion itself within this texture of these places.

So it’s very interesting and its own way how this works and These are the first three Worlds the fourth world, of course the world of God and so you could think about let’s I always think about God as The Mastermind sitting behind all of it. It’s kind of I always kind of joke about The Wizard of Oz but it’s kind of like the behind and what’s God’s role. Well God’s role is ultimately to wake people up to Eternal reality that there’s an eternity that doesn’t pass away that there’s what’s an abiding light and reality that will be there forever. That’s ultimate goodness.

That’s all that the ultimate unity of all things the Oneness and that light is calling to us the human being to return So if you go in the office, you’ve got this compassionate boss coming in but behind it in the world of God is that as God is there with these high angels that have determined that this person in the office needs to learn compassionate goodness in order for them to progress because perhaps they don’t believe that there is compassion and that Authority particularly misuses power therefore they need to experience that there is divine Authority which is compassionate.

 So God ordains this situation so that the person can learn compassion But ultimately it reflects back to Divine Authority that Divine is compassionate and a Divine wants the highest for people and goodness for people and is calling all people back to goodness. So these four worlds interpenetrate each other and you know, you might only look at the outside as mulk. It’s a nice office then you’re in the mulk.Or you might say? Oh, it’s really joyful in this place. Okay, you’re in the malakut.

 Or wow, this is really about compassion. I don’t even need really need to care about the office. This is about a teaching or maybe you need all of it. Maybe you need to feel that warm office and the Beautiful curtains and the realize that there is goodness in the workplace. And there is Authority that’s good and that they’re people on your side that want to help you that you’re not just by yourself fighting an uphill battle and that there is divine support and compassion in the universe and it all comes together and that becomes the ultimate what I call the play. The play is God playing with us in a positive way, you know playing with us to help us to remember the Eternal Oneness of existence and have us come home and all of it’s being played out on this big stage.

 This is basically the four worlds. Thank you very much.



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