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Heal Yourself to Heal the World

   ~ with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Walk Through the Doorway of Love…

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In partnership with the Sufi Center MN, we invite you to join Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe for this free class where he reveals the subtle realms of light, how they connect each and every person on the planet, and how they can be used to help heal the world.


Watch these short videos where Ibrahim shares the effects of healing yourself on your reality:

“If everything around you seems dark, look again, you may be the light.” – Rumi

In this free class you will learn:


Love, Universal Connection, and Changing the World…

During this session, you’ll explore:

  • How to live a life in Love and Divine Excellence
  • The importance of God’s guidance in combatting fear and hopelessness
  • How to change the world by looking inside rather than outside of yourself.
  • Q & A with attendees

Meet Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe:

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a physician, Sufi Master Healer, and Spiritual Guide pioneering Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH) – the integration of western medicine and spiritual practice to heal disease and improve health and wellbeing. After studying and witnessing healing from many spiritual healing traditions including Hindu, Kundalini, Homeopathy, Tibetan Medicine Buddha, Japanese Zen, Philippine psychic surgeons, South American shamans, Hawaiian Kahuna and more, Dr. Jaffe discovered the spiritual healing of the Sufis.

About Sufi Center Minnesota:

The Sufi Center Minnesota, is a spiritual community that can help you navigate through life’s ups and downs and reconnect with who you really are and what you long for.

Sufi Center Minnesota has helped hundreds of people connect deeply to and maintain connection with their Divine and authentic selves. Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds and include therapists, healers, educators, bodyworkers, and business leaders.