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Looking Forward to 2023


Video Transcript:

So we’re at the end of the year. And the new year is about to give birth to itself. And I always say that the yearly cycle the solarcycle is about activity movement and growth. It’s about the seasons about what happens in our life the lunar cycle by the way is about your spiritual. That’s what happens inside of you. Spiritually, but the solar cycle is more of a the active movements of our of our souls through the life.

I pray that this new year brings the challenges and the successes of the challenges that will break each person into a new level of Consciousness a new level of well-being And that we all have success as the world is changing so quickly and it’s where we’re going through a Terrain. We’ve never been through before there’s so many shifts happening around the whole world that we break through this terrain and we’re strong. And that all things work out.

Well are Strong our homes are strong. Our families are strong. Our finances are safe our jobs our secure. That we continue to find Value and meaning in life as we go forward and that whatever we do. We’re at the feet of Allah and we’re we’re really serving his face and everything. I personally am deeply looking forward to this new year. I feel like ease is coming. I feel like the last two three years has been very strong on the inner. And the outer not easy, but I can feel that ease is coming. I feel like we’re the sun is just about to break over the horizon.

We’re going to enter into a new time of ease now and I’m really looking forward to having that year or two of these and then of course, I’m sure it’ll cycle the other way again, but in the meantime, we need to take this time to relax and to really be thankful for the time of use the Jamal when it comes.

So saalam alaikum everyone have a wonderful New Year’s and a wonderful 2023.Bless everything in your lives. Salaam alaikum.


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