Video: How to Open Your Inner Hearing & Sight

Journey through the Heart:

How to Open Your Inner Hearing & Sight


Video Transcript:


Hi Peace, blessings everyone Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe. Continuing our talks on guidance and listening to the most high. And you know, it’s funny. We were talking about it today that sometimes people think that they just not getting guidance. They can’t hear God. They can’t they they’re the ones that don’t get it.And I want to tell you something that’s not true. God has built into us like receivers. It’s built into our subtle architecture. We all can receive God we all can we are all built with like we have ears and we can hear the outside. We have subtle ears in our heart that can actually hear the Divine. Everybody has them So what happens is that people lose trust in it? They don’t believe it.

And so when the guidance comes they turn away from it, they block it they say no to it. But that doesn’t mean you’re not getting it you are getting it. You’re just arguing with it and shutting it down. So the key is we is you know, roomy said how do you teach a person to love? And the answer he gave was you don’t teach them to love you clean the rust off the heart so that the love that’s and within them can come out because the heart knows how to love.

And I say the same thing with guidance, you don’t have to learn to receive guidance. You have to polish the voices that tell you that you can’t hear clean them inside yourself and we’ll teach you how to do that. If you want through our programs we can show you. To a peer process but can show you through a certain practices how to clean those voices inside of you and you’ll start to become very present.

And as you do you will start to hear very clearly that kindness and for sometimes you’ll doubt it. No question it sometimes your ego self will jump on top of it and try to shift it and you know, that’s all the challenges of learning the beginning of walking the Sufi ways how to know that guidance. And how not to shift it but to really stay present with it as you go for.

So I wish you the very best everybody we say assalamualaikum peace and blessings upon your hearts.


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