How Spiritual Healing Works

Spiritual Healing addresses the deep, hidden, inner issues, wounds, beliefs and traumas, or what I call THE CAUSES of disease. I believe these causes affect the person subconsciously and cause disease to either form or to appear. When healing occurs of these CAUSES, often disease disappears, or traditional therapies, such as chemo and others, which had previously stalled now work.

It’s amazing to understand that the hidden causes actually can hold disease in place and prevents healing, or when alleviated, may be responsible for direct healing itself. Personally I find that when brought together, healing and medicine, the person has the best chance to heal from disease and illness.

Many years ago, while working with a man who had malignant melanoma, one of the most aggressive and untreatable forms of cancer I learned the following lesson. In order to bring forth healing two master principals needed to be addressed.

1. Purification of ones issues and
2. The return to God.

First, one had to find and transform and purify the hidden issues within the subconscious self that were related to the disease or illness. Emotions such as hidden anger, fear and loss, had to be resolved. Then one had to understand the negative beliefs that were affecting the illness and let them go. Finally the hidden memories, stored as images and experiences within the inner world of the person needed to be discovered and transformed. Purification alone often led to healing. However in more advanced forms of disease, especially cancer, it wasn’t completely effective. The tumor would change shape but wouldn’t always leave.

To have complete healing, I found that a second piece was needed. The person needed to return to God so that the light of God could descend and transform the illness itself. This occurred after one reestablished a relationship to the love and light of the divine presence. This was independent of religion and worked within all religions and spiritual traditions. When one returned to God, it brought forth deep and significant change of serious disease. Again many times just the return to God brought healing as well. One had to return to the presence of God, open to its light and love and be willing to listen and surrender to God’s will which they would learn to hear. I call this bowing. When the purification of the issues and the bowing occurred tighter this was when we saw the most significant healing of serious disease, especially with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

When this man with melanoma bowed to God, after he had purified his issues, he had a dream where the angels came to him and removed the tumor. When he woke up he looked in the mirror where the tumor had been and it had disappeared overnight. He had a true miracle. He then went on to research spontaneous remission of cancer in his city and found 50 living cases, which he interviewed. Interesting enough, in all 50 cases the recipe of purifying ones issues and returning to God had occurred.

I have found that more often than instantaneous healing, that usually healing occurs in a step after step manner. So slowly day after day, as purification occurs and faith and the return to God is established. Healing occurs in a gradual way and remission of disease is seen.

Finally, for the most effective results, I have found that when the bowing and the purification were brought together along with a supportive physical system such as traditionally or complementary medicine, and/or some other forms of physical healing often we would get the best results in healing.

Therefore the comprehensive system of medical spiritual healing includes the following to be most effective.

1. Traditional medicine/complementary medicine: traditional and or complementary medicine is used to monitor and evaluate the healing process and support it as needed with such things as antibiotics, traditional medicines, chemo, surgery and other treatment when needed. Of course complementary medicine was often the most inclusive form of traditional medicine. There are many forms of complementary medicine, which work well with healing.
2. Nutrition and diet: were carefully watched so that chemicals were not introduced to the body and good wholesome foods were the mainstay of the diet. The person’s body was rested from bad food, water, air, etc. giving it a chance to transform itself and reactivate the immune system for healing.
3. Spiritual purification: of the hidden issues, emotions, beliefs and inner experiences was done so that the persons inner being became clean, whole and happy. Stress disappeared and peace returned to the person within. Also the person understood what the disease had come to teach them….
4. Bowing to God: the person returned to the presence of God, where the light and power of God was turned to the illness. Then the support and healing power of God was given to the person.
5. The spiritual teaching: my personal experience is that all disease actually comes as a gift to help us learn spiritual lessons. When I lost my sight and was blind I discovered that I was unwilling to see certain inner aspects of my being. Once I learned this lesson of sight, my true eyesight literally returned in minutes after almost a year of blindness.

When all of these principals were applied to the person, and often to the families of the people supporting them as well, dramatic healing was frequently seen. In cases of children illnesses it is always necessary to heal the family. spiritual healing is a process of transformation that is easy to learn, fulfilling to apply, and can bring immediate results and lessening of the symptoms of many illnesses.

spiritual healing is a combination of these five points of healing brought together under the principals of Sufism. Sufism addresses each persons relationship to the world, God and to each other from the perspective of love, unity and oneness. By seeing and understanding that all things are reflections of the beauty of God and that all experiences are here to teach us about the presence of God, we can see life as a wonderful journey, full of love, that is here to help us grow. The principals of Sufism can be integrated within all religions, paths and traditions because all essentially are about the growth of the spirit, establishing love, and the return to oneness.