Video: How do we use the Divine Names of God?

Journey through the Heart:

How do we use the Divine Names of God?


Video Transcript:

What I love about the Divine that As you purify these names within your heart and you begin to embody these Divine names. This enlivens your heart and strengthens your connection with the Divine because the Sufi order that the Shadhiliyya Sufi order is healing order and we work with the name for the ultimate name for Allah for God,which is Allah which refers to the undifferentiated essence of God.

And we work in healing with that name Allah a lot with many different phrases because whenever we speak the name of God, whenever we call to God by one of God’s names Allah will send the light. Of that name to us and Allah will respond. And so sometimes we want to call in the whole ocean of Allah. And but there are other times when we are looking for one quality in particular that we really want to work with because within each of us the Divine names the qualities are expressed differently veiled differently.

 And so at times we have a particular need for. A certain set or at a certain Divine name or a certain set of divine names. It’s a little bit like looking at the difference between a general tonic for an illness and a particular formula for an illness. So the Divine names give us a way of. Calling in particular aspects of the Divine that we would really like to work with and have working on our hearts as we’re walking. And each of the Divine names actually has its own characteristics? 

They come in as lights. They sometimes have different colours, but they also act differently in our bodies. And when you’re reciting the Divine names, if you’re conscious of it, you can sometimes actually feel the difference between the Divine names as you’re reciting them the difference that they have on your being some of them are more vertical in nature. Some of them are horizontal in nature. Some of them are associated particularly with certain centers in your body.

And so if we want to Work for example with thethird eye or the mind we would often work with the quality Al- Alim. if we wanted to be the the knowledge and if we wanted to Work more and understand on bringing gentleness in we might work with the quality Al-Latif which is the subtle and the gentle one.

 Or if we wanted to bring in Mercy and compassion we might work with the Divine name ar -Rahim. the compassionate the generally compassionate so, you know, these are a set of A set of tools if you will that we can use according to our need.And of course, we always have access to the ocean of the last Divine love and mercy with the name Allah.



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