Emotional Trauma: Invitation to Deep Unity with God

We know that so many people have been deeply affected by trauma, especially emotional trauma, and Ibrahim even mentions in today’s video (find it on Youtube or watch below) how nearly all children have experienced deeply traumatic events.

So if you are working through trauma that is affecting your ability to love, to trust, to believe in your own worthiness, or one of the countless other symptoms of trauma that keep us from living our best lives,

You’re not alone. Emotional trauma affects tens of millions of Americans, if not more.

Diving Deep into Your Emotional Trauma

In this video, Ibrahim delves into some of the ways that emotional trauma can come about, how to heal it, and how it can be the beginning of a radical transformation and extremely fast and deep walking into the Unity.

In many ways, emotional trauma can be a catalyst for spiritual mastery in a way few other life experiences can.

So if you have experienced it or you know someone who has, let this video give you some insight and hope into how it can turn into the greatest blessing of your life.


“Verily, with every hardship comes ease.” (94:6)


Thank you for all you do! Remember to keep walking and never give up! If the going ever gets too hard, remember that you can reach out to God and to His beloveds for help. We are meant to be here for each other.

If you feel called to learn healing or to heal yourself and connect with others on the Path of Love, then you might be interested in joining our upcoming cohort of 18 month, Level 1 program students. You can visit our website for more information.

Payment plans and partial scholarships are available.

Please call 1-888-237-5233, Ext. 1 or email Nahida at courses@drjaffemd.com for more information on our courses or for help needed with enrollment.

Ready to learn more?

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK: Sufism’s 7 Secrets for Transformation

LEARN SUFISM and SUFI HEALING in our exclusive 18 month, Level 1 program


Ready to learn more?

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK: Sufism’s 7 Secrets for Transformation

LEARN SUFISM and SUFI HEALING in our exclusive 18 month, Level 1 program.

Over the years Dr. Jaffe has witnessed many people heal their illness by diving deep into their own process.

That illness could be physical, it could be mental, it could be emotional…

Heart disease, Hashimoto’s, anxiety, problems with sleep, depression…

Even lack of connection to self, God, purpose and others.

What’s even more exciting to him than watching what some would call “medical miracles” (but to us they’re just learning and applying a system consistently)

Is the sense of empowerment that each person attains when they’re willing to go all the way down into the root cause…

Becoming humble enough to allow God’s light and love into those painful areas that most people are simply not willing to look at or feel again.

When you activate the living power inside of you to heal ANYTHING… (on God’s time and with God’s power)

Life gets so much better on all levels.

If you suffer from emotional trauma and its affects on your life, then consider joining us at Year 1 of the Institute of Spiritual Healing to dive deep into your body, heart, soul, and secret to release the pain and transform your life. See more here.

Your health, your sense of well-being and purpose, your relationships with the people in your life. When all those things run on God’s power can you imagine the difference?

The Institute of Spiritual Healing is a platform for this type of learning.

Now Dr. Jaffe has worked with a lot of energy healers and master practitioners from all walks of life.

The difference here?

We’re not moving around energy (which can be helpful) we’re getting in direct relationship to God and allowing God to do the actual healing.

This is a completely different type of education around healing, one that can help you remove what’s blocking you and even transform your body and mind…

But while you’re putting in the effort, and taking the steps and course of action laid out in the Institute…

Ultimately you’re not the healer, God is.

That takes SO MUCH pressure off of you. And it allows you to help so many more people heal at a far deeper level than if you had to do it all yourself.

We are taking a group of students through the first year of the program pretty soon here, if you’d like to join.

The best way to get more information, or to see if it’s a good fit for you, is to call Nahida at 780-993-5578, or email her at courses@drjaffemd.com. 


Ready to learn more?

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK: Sufism’s 7 Secrets for Transformation

LEARN SUFISM and SUFI HEALING in our exclusive 18 month, Level 1 program.


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