BRAND NEW 2-Day Workshop:

Being in the Flow of Divine Love and Relationships

“When love itself comes to kiss you, don’t hold back.”

~ Rumi

For the first time:

A stunningly beautiful workshop for everyone…

…regardless of your relationship status! 

Join Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, Salima Linda Sanford, and incredible team & married couple Samah & Nuh Ross as they invite you to experience the meaning of love and relationships in a new way.

Through their combined 90 years of relationship experience, they will share their real stories, how they overcame struggles in all phases of their lives, and what they wish they knew during both the times of struggle and of ease.

As they guide you through live teachings and exercises, you are invited to find freedom in your connection with the divine and relationships, expand on the meaning of Divine Love, and discover how this opening of your deeper heart increases your own attractiveness and magnetism!

This Sufi intensive retreat is for everyone!

This Stunning 2-DAY Workshop Intensive Includes:

  • Opening to the Inner Teachings of Divine Love & Certainty
  • Finding Freedom, True Caring, and Harmony in Your Relationships
  • The Importance of Relationship Problems and the Gifts Found Through Their Repair
  • Working to Remove Veils in order to Walk Further into the Heart
  • How Divine Love Deepens Your Personal Attraction & Magnetism
  • Connecting to Your Eternal Nature Through Divine Love
  • Practical In-Class Exercises To Integrate and Apply These Teachings

Being in the Flow of Divine Love & Relationships
Special 2-Day Workshop


February 17th & 18th, 2024

Teachings will be approximately 10:00 AM ET to 6:00 PM ET.

Day 1 – February 17th, 2024
Session 1: Mahabbah: The Affectionate Love & How It Is Found
Session 2: How to Deeply Surrender to Your Beloved Through Allah
Session 3: The Subject is Love

Day 2 – February 18th, 2024
Session 1: Love as a Verb
Session 2: Mirroring in the Context of Relationships
Session 3: Tahalull: Learning About the Deep Communion of Love

This will be an online event through Zoom, and recordings will be made available after the conclusion of the workshop.

This Sufi intensive retreat is for everyone!

Though many may feel that a relationship workshop like this isn’t for those who do not have partner…we invite you to discover otherwise!

For beloveds that are seeking to deepen their relationships with friends and family, or those that would like to attract a partner…

…this workshop is for you too!

All teachings can be applied to your own connection with the Divine, through which we attract those around us.

Deeper connection and certainty through the inner heart leads to a magnetic attraction, or what Sufis sometimes refer to as “the nectar” that attracts relationships of all kinds. From romantic partnerships to more aligned friendships, this is about bringing forth new (and old) connections that will enrich your life and your spirituality.

If you are not sure if this workshop is for you or you have any questions, please contact Nahida Fawzia Hajar:

Call: 1-888-237-5233 ext. 1

Here’s what one beloved had to say about applying the Sufi teachings of Divine Love and Connection:

“I would like to express my gratitude for the most awe-inspiring, exclusively dynamic teachings.

The perception of togetherness and oneness has already impacted extremely positively in the lives of many, as I could not contain myself and started implementing these concepts to some couples who are battling with marital problems
The results are totally metamorphic. It’s like magic wands being waved by Mala’ikah Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen.

Dr Jaffe, I thank thee in all humility for my deep walking and my transformed heart which has become humongous with expansion through the Divine love.”

“Love is a journey. All travelers whether they want or not are changed. No one can travel into love and remain the same.”

~ Shams Tabrizi

Join Dr. Jaffe and his colleagues for this very special weekend of connection and beauty!

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About Your Teachers

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a physician, Sufi Master Healer, and Spiritual Guide pioneering Spiritual Healing (SH) – the integration of western medicine and spiritual practice to heal disease and improve health and wellbeing.
He earned his medical degree as a general practice physician from the University of Illinois.

In addition to being recognized as a Master Healer and Teacher within the Sufi tradition, he has studied and traveled worldwide teaching Advanced Energy Healing, an etheric approach to diagnosis and healing of illness, including teaching at the United Nations and Harvard Divinity School.

His training also includes certification in electro-homeopathy according to Volls by Fuller Royal M.D., two and half years of study in classical homeopathy, and certification in healing through raw foods by both the Hippocrates Institute (under Anne Wigmore) and the Optimum Health Institute.

Dr. Jaffe is a prolific speaker who brings forth a message of hope, healing, peace, and oneness for people of all faiths through the tenets of Sufism and the understanding of spiritual healing. He speaks on many topics including Sufism, spirituality, and spiritual healing. He also speaks about healing the blocks to manifesting our inner brilliance and finding and developing true spiritual and loving relationships. His healing work has also led to deep understanding of how to heal conflict and bring peace. His goal is to provide spiritual healing and guidance for people seeking to heal or transform their lives, illnesses, or organizations.

Sufism | Institute of Spiritual Healing

Salima Linda Sanford

Salima Linda holds a Masters of Divinity degree from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism (2009) and is a passionate student of Sufism and healing. She is the author of two books on marriage, the most recent being Nurturing Love.

Salima is a respected Muqqadim Murabbi in her local Sufi community and nationally, dedicated to holding the hearts of others through workshops, teachings, healings, and shared studies. She has been a healer, mentor, and teacher for many years, working individually and with groups, in person, by phone, and through skype/zoom. As of June 2021, she will be the lead teacher for her second group of Institute of Spiritual Healing students.

Her Sufi name is derived from the quality Salaam, meaning peace, safety, and wholeness. Salim is often translated as “river of peace”. She creates a safe and peaceful space for her clients, enabling them to find their divine, inviolable, place of goodness, truth, and strength within, and to pass through the doorway of each challenge, however difficult, into the light of healing, of mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Samah & Nuh Ross

Nuh and Samah are both Sufi teachers and Muqaddams in the Sufi Center East region. They hold multiple master’s degrees, and spent their professional careers as consultants to government and private industry. Through coaching and training, they have over 75 years combined experience focused on productive, caring relationships in the workplace, including building diverse high-performing teams across the globe.

Samah holds an M.A. Div. from the University of Sufism and has had a healing practice for the past 20 years in which she has helped numerous couples (and individuals) enhance their marriages and/or prepare themselves for a beloved. Samah has taught Sufi workshops globally and continues to provide support and classes for the UK Community. Nuh, also a graduate of the University of Sufism, has supported several clients to grow closer to God through the heart of their beloveds. Together they recently delivered a highly praised relationship workshop at the Farm of Peace in which they combined Sufi wisdom with their professional competencies. Their most successful workshop has been their 20-year marriage.