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A Sufi Perspective on Covid-19

Care and Protection for your mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

(Recorded March 29th, 2020)

- Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe: Protection for mind, body, soul and provision
- Abdul Kareem: Dhikr (Prayer)
- Jannah Bianca Guerra: Self-care for caregivers and healthcare professionals
- Rayhannah Elizabeth Shoop: Dhikr (Prayer) - La ilaha illa’llah
- Kamila Shenmen: Strengthening the immune system
- Ahmed Manawy: Dhikr (Prayer)
- Salima Adelstein- Staying with peace amidst anxiety, fear & worry
- Rahma Tracy Caraway: Closing Prayer 

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It is our sincere prayer that we can hold a space of healing, hope, love, peace and unity for our community and the greater good.


This offering is available via a free membership for 30 days.
Due to the ongoing nature of the pandemic and the global shift that is occurring at this time, we feel compelled to offer a long-lasting resource to provide support, guidance and healing that is also able to give back to the community.
Therefore, if you would like to continue your membership after the free 30 days, we will be donating 12% of the membership fees to help those who are sick or experiencing poverty.
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