A joint program by Ibrahim Jaffe MD and The University of Spiritual Healing:

 Advanced Spiritual Healing Practitioners Program Year 4

Healing the Soul

Are You Seeking to:
  • Develop your healing abilities to bring about profound impact for your clients and your field?

  • Deepen your knowledge, clarity and confidence in working with serious illness and disease?

  • Gain expertise to reach, witness, understand and transform illness as it resides in the soul and Spirit levels of the human being?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Advanced Spiritual Healing Program could be for you!

During over 30 years of working as a medical doctor and spiritual healer, Dr. Jaffe has frequently worked with patients with serious medical illnesses and disease. Over this time he has noticed several patterns within the patients with specific diseases, and also several important themes in the patients who received the most dramatic healing results.

He began to see that the inner issues within the subconsciousness of people were creating subtle light patterns that could be felt and witnessed within the subtle soul worlds.

He also began noticing how by cleaning the images, impressions, and issues in the soul realm, that the patients were receiving dramatic healing.

For this advanced program, Dr. Jaffe is partnering with teachers from the University of Spiritual Healing to create a curriculum that will help to ensure that you are fully supported while learning to contain what is needed for this deep level of soul healing.

This 12-month Advanced Healing Practitioner program begins January 12, 2020

During This Program you will discover...

How to open and understand the images and voices that come up during a healing session.

Understanding the healing of the soul, and the return of the spirit back to the Creator, and why this is so important in soul healing.

How to recognize disease in the energetic field.

How to identify and understand the direct connection of the disease to the subtle energetic pattern.

Why the 99 Divine names are a master key to soul healing, and how to increase the transmission of the Qualities during your healing sessions.

How to use Du'a/Prayer to maximize the power of transmission.

Donna Jamila, Healing Masters Graduate

Healing generally means fixing what is broken but now I have a new perception. In Healing Masters, I received much more than healing negative voices, pictures, and beliefs. I am now living my potential. I learned and embodied the skills for both releasing my blocks and manifesting my dreams into reality. The best news is this healing can be given to other people in our lives. Healing Masters is a rare opportunity to fully embody Sidi's teachings. For students who are eligible, I encourage you to look deeply in your heart—are you guided to be a part of this program?

Is it time to take the next step to see if you are ready for this intensive healing practitioners program?

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The Spiritual Healing Practitioners program will offer you some of the most advanced and significant teachings for healing disease for both yourself and others.

The Advanced Spiritual Healing Practitioner Program is the third level of teachings within Dr. Jaffe’s Institute of Spiritual Healing program.This course is for those ready to jump into healing at the soul level. It follows the spiritual healers level 1 and spiritual practitioners level 2 programs. It is taught jointly with the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism Masters of Divinity degree program and is Equivalent to the universities 4th year program. Students who complete the full USHS program will earn a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Healing and Counseling as well as an Advanced Spiritual Healing Practitioner Certificate from Dr. Jaffe. Master Degree candidates will earn an Advanced Spiritual Healing Practitioners certification.

Although words fail me in terms of all that I received from the Advanced Spiritual Healing program I will try to find them. The class was truly a gift from God. I felt that I was able to walk very deeply and find true healing for very deep places in my soul on a personal level. I also feel like my healing has deepened in ways that were unimaginable. I would leave for home after a week in class with Ibrahim and come home to give a healing to a client and find that everything changed. It almost feels too sacred to talk about the ways my healings have opened. What I will say is that if you are on the fence about the class, go. I am not even sure how, only Allah knows but through the class, my perception, trust, and transmission of Allah's light has become so much stronger. I am using what I learned with clients now in my acupuncture practice and it has become one of the greatest joys Allah has given me. I am truly, truly grateful. I recommend this class from the depth of my heart. ~ Laila E.

Receive DEEP GUIDANCE in your personal walking in order to step into this level of Mastery.

Develop Witnessing of the Soul

Witnessing of the soul is the quintessential aspect of the spiritual walking to God.  It takes consciousness and mastery of this level of being to be successful as a true healer, spiritual teacher and a Sufi master.

Gain Consciousness of the Soul and Spirit

Advanced Spiritual Healing is a practical course that will help you to gain consciousness of the Soul and Spirit levels.  You will receive guidance and support for walking into Unity with God consciousness.

Bring Healing through Completion of Soul Lessons

Advanced Spiritual Healing will deepen your understanding of the soul and Spirit, and help you to heal through bringing completion to the levels of meaning – the teachings that God brings for the soul to complete on this journey.

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I am so grateful for the profoundly transformative teachings of The Advanced Spiritual Healing program. Ibrahim shares everything he has learned in his decades of passionate study of the inner and outer healing processes. He gives deeply and generously, supporting us on the inner. I received so much and feel inspired in both my walking and healing practice.

Many of our students come to us having found that their healing work is sometimes unsuccessful, particularly with advanced diseases such as cancer, life threatening illness, serious infections and other unresponsive and difficult illnesses. They need time to complete their healing potential, and they need support to reach the consciousness to witness the issues that are the core of most illness.

Dr. Jaffe has found that the following issues need to be resolved or completed within the healer in order for the healer to be effective in their work.



The healer’s surrender to God is not complete or sometimes not sincere enough.  It is important to deepen one’s surrender to the Most High in order for the Light of Healing be sent down from above.  To surrender in this way, one must commit more deeply to God, learn the necessary knowledge and apply that knowledge to one’s life.
In the Advanced Spiritual Healing Program, we will look at what is needed in your personal walking and knowledge to become a receptacle of the Divine Lights and deepen this form of surrender.


It is known that the inner issues within the subconsciousness of people create subtle light patterns that can be felt and witnessed within the subtle worlds.  These patterns can be used to both diagnosis and predict certain outcomes of the progression of disease.
In the Advanced Spiritual Healing Program, we will learn how to perceive and interpret these patterns and support their healing and transformation.


Students ability to witness, understand and transform the Malakut, or the angelic level, of many diseases is often not strong enough. I have found that students have trouble entering the Specific Disease Pattern and finding the images and issues that are playing out in the world of human experience. It is necessary to understand these issues and dynamics that are happening in order to help to correct them within the patient.Therefore, although recitations and Dhikr occur, the healer cannot fully support the release of these inner scenarios, and therefore the recitations may not be effective. The healer’s recognition of the inner images and issues needs to deepen for significant healing to occur.Often God will not change a person’s reality until there is consciousness and clarity about the change of choice and experience within the person.  Once the person understands what the lesson is and makes a different choice within, the healing is accepted by God and the sacred lights descend.


The soul world is a more subtle world that interpenetrates the Malakut world and carries the human and divine qualities within it.  It is also the place where the deepest ceilings of light and darkness occur.
This is the place where the soul works out its relationship to God and why it has come to earth.  it is necessary to be able to perceive this ocean of being, and to be able to transform these veils into love, peace and beauty if healing is to occur.


All disease has come to us from God in order to teach us specific soul and spiritual lessons that are needed for advancement of that Soul towards God and completion. These teachings appear in the forms of subtle meanings that appear in the world of Imagination of the soul.
When the healer can find and understand the soul meanings within the disease, and understand the teaching being sent down (what God wants us to learn), resolution and healing can occur very quickly.
When the healer can help to integrate and complete these lessons, often the disease disappears. In many cases, this allows other methods of healing such as traditional medicine to work, or we could say God now accepts them and they heal.


Most importantly it is the cleaning of the Human Qualities and the following Beautification by the Divine Qualities that is the essential and most significant part of healing.
Purification of these qualities occurs through the cleaning and perfection of the hidden images and meanings woven into the qualities. In this class, we will learn how to find, clean, return, beautify and perfect the Qualities within the soul.


Time permitting, the course will provide teachings for helping clients to cross through the higher worlds at the time of death.  This will lead to supporting hospice patients and workers who struggle with end of life spiritual issues and need help to facilitate the soul as it leaves the body.
Students will learn how to complete the life lessons needed for the soul to have a successful ending to life, God Willing!


The program will consist of:

  • Three 6.5-day onsite sessions
  • Once-a-month intersession calls
  • Intersession writing and healing assignments.

More to be announced...


This one-year, Advanced Spiritual Healer Certificate program costs $7,500.

We also offer numerous scholarships and work-study arrangements for qualified students. Please contact Rahma Tracy for more information!

Three Onsite session dates:

1. January 12-18, 2020

2. June 8-14, 2020

3. October 3-9, 2020

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